We are professional Pay-roll Managers and we offer the following services under this head: Salary Structuring with a view to minimize tax burden on the employees and maximize their take home salary. Receiving data from our clients, processing the same at our fully automated payroll management system.

While managing the 'Pay-roll' for our clients, we consider Monthly Components/ Salary Structure viz. Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance, HRA, Reimbursements & Special Allowances and Deductions such as Statutory Deductions including Contribution to EPF, ESIC, Professional Tax, TDS, Labor Welfare Fund and other Voluntary Deductions & Annual Components like Incentives, Bonus, Leaves, Annual Encashment and Medical Benefits etc. related to each employee of the company.

  • Preparation of Salary Structure
  • Generating Payroll Register in Excel / PDF / txt format
  • Generating Salary Report
  • Salary / Wages Register and other as per statutory requirement by rules/Law/Act etc
  • Maintaining Attendance Record, Leave record, and other as per statutory requirement by rules/Law/Act etc.
  • Preparing department wise, location / state / center wise Salary Sheets
  • Providing monthly Salary Slips
  • Calculation of Overtime / Special Incentives, Bonus, Leave Encashment etc.
  • Providing data for EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund Compliances
  • Filing of Periodical Returns as may be required under PF/ ESI Act / Rule, Professional tax
  • Providing data for full & final settlement of dues to retiring / leaving employees
  • Forecasted and income tax is calculated thereon for the purpose of deductions every month
  • TDS Statement and Individual Tax Calculation